Wayne Gretzky Wines

Wayne Gretzky Wines, whether made in the Okanagan or Niagara, are produced from the finest grapes and developed by some of the country's most celebrated winemakers. These award-winning wines are both delicious and approachable - made for every Canadian wine lover to enjoy.

  1. Estate Series
White 2016
    Medium-bodied, aromatic and flavourful. Straw yellow colour with a bouquet of custard, yellow apple, biscuit, yellow plum, green pear, melon and a touch of floral.
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  2. Estate Series
Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
    Full-bodied and firm. Deep garnet in colour, with a lovely bouquet of black currant, pepper, eucalyptus, Earl Grey tea and violet.
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  3. Estate Series
Pinot Noir 2015
    Medium-bodied, elegant and fruit forward, this Pinot Noir shows wonderful fruit flavours of cherry and red berry, with a touch of spice and oak.
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  4. No.99 Cabernet Franc Icewine 2012

    Complex and intriguing with luscious flavours of strawberry, rhubarb, plum and blood orange.

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  5. No.99 Chardonnay 2015
    A smooth, medium-bodied Chardonnay with enticing flavours of tropical fruit and melon.
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  6. No.99 Cabernet Merlot 2015
    This is a fruit-forward, bold wine with rich flavours of black currant, cherry and spice that fill the mouth and linger on the finish.
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  7. Estate Series
Red 2015
    Medium-bodied and fruit-forward. Flavours of red and black fruits with a hint of spice evolve on the palate.
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  8. No.99 Riesling 2015
    Juicy flavours of peach and tangerine with Green apple, lemon drop and orange fruit flavours on the finish. The perfect patio sipper for an afternoon with friends!
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  9. No.99 Wine & Cocktail Club
    Join our NEW Wayne Gretzky Estates No.99 Wine & Cocktail Club!
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  10. No.99 Baco Noir 2016
    This smooth easy-drinking Baco Noir has flavours of black cherry, dark plums and blueberry jam that dance on your palate.
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  11. No.99 Merlot 2014
    This is a fruit-forward Merlot with flavours of red berries and cherry to entice the palate. Notes of berries, black tea, cocoa and spice linger on the finish.
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  12. No.99 Pinot Grigio 2016
    Light and crisp! Refreshing fruit flavours of green apple and citrus dance on the palate and linger through on the finish.
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  13. Estate Series
Shiraz Cabernet 2015
    Share a rare Niagara wine with friends and family! Medium-bodied and fruit-forward with ripe flavours of sweet black currant, dark plum and blueberry.
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  14. Estate Series
Chardonnay 2013
    Looking for a rich, full-bodied Chardonnay? Enjoy tropical fruit flavours accented by notes of toasty oak with refreshing green apple and lemon lingering on the finish.
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